101 Reasons why I’ve decided to start a fashion blog: 

Okay so, maybe not 101 reasons…

For the past nineteen years and 62 days of my life I’ve found happiness in many hobbies and activities. Gymnastics, dance, theatre, books, fandoms, photography, and that short obsession I had with horses in third grade.  They’ve all meant a great deal to me but most of these things came and went in my life.

However, the one constant thing in my life is my love of fashion and beauty.

Being a woman we are already born into an established community of beauty tips and fashion secrets passed between one another.

For years now I’ve poured my time on social media into reading other women’s fashion blogs in order to keep up on the latest trends, and know what makeup products were worth buying. So, because of this plethora of knowledge I’ve obtained through these blogs, combine with my own shopping adventures, I’ve decided I need a place to pour it all out.

I promise not every post will be as long as this one, but it would be absolutely unbelievably amazing to share my finds and looks with the World Wide Web day to day.

Thank you so much. I hope this little idea turns into something good for the fashion and lifestyle enthusiast, as well as myself.

Yours truly,

Hannah ❤

Meet the blogger
Meet the blogger